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Mysterious wreckage was thrown onto the Phuket beach: everyone is wondering what it could be

On one of the famous beaches of Phuket, a wave threw up mysterious wreckage. What kind of strange object and its origin must now be clarified by experts, as the investigation has already begun. Meanwhile, the first shocking assumptions have already appeared in the network.

According to the Phuket Express, the fragment was discovered on Karon Beach near the sports ground last Wednesday, August 30. The weight of “black garbage” is approximately 200 kg. It was clarified that the blue wires and label codes attracted the attention of specialists. P

after receiving a report about the find, rescuers secured the wreckage with ropes. Currently, representatives of Phuket International Airport and the Royal Thai Navy have joined the investigation into its origin. Experts are preparing to solve a puzzle that could reveal one of the mysteries of history.

Meanwhile, the first assumptions about the etiology of the metal fragment with wires have already appeared on the network. Let’s cite the brightest. According to one version of social network users, the wreckage may belong to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which suddenly disappeared from the radar on March 8, 2014.

It was one of the most mysterious disasters in the history of aviation. At the time of the disappearance, there were 227 tourists and 12 crew members on board. Even after 9 years, experts could not find out what happened to the plane and its passengers.

Some facts that were recorded at the time of the investigation work in favor of the version: the missing plane took off from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China). After studying the transmission data of Inmarsat satellites, it was concluded that the airliner could have headed north- towards India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Kazakhstan, or south – into the Indian Ocean.

But all the listed countries said that the ship did not enter their airspace, so experts concluded that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean when Boeing ran out of fuel. Malaysia Airlines said that the pilot, Zachary Ahmad Shah, deliberately changed course and plunged the plane into the ocean, killing 239 people.

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