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Italian tourist fined $500 for parking in a square in Florence

According to CNN Travel, police in Italy have fined a US tourist $500 for parking a Ferrari Spider in Florence’s famous Piazza della Signoria.

An American tourist has parked his sports car in the Piazza della Signoria, where there are always many tourists walking around, most of them visiting the famous Uffizi Gallery. The violator of the rules was detained by the police, he was fined $506.

It is specified that the tourist received a fine not only for entering the pedestrian zone by car but also for the lack of European rights. The Ferrari Spider was registered in Switzerland, and rented by a tourist without an international driver’s license. He only had an American license.

The publication notes that this is not the first time that foreigners violate traffic rules at historical sites in Italy. So, in January in Florence, the police fined a US resident 500 euros for driving a Fiat Panda across the ancient Ponte Vecchio footbridge. And a year earlier, a tourist from Saudi Arabia drove a rented Maserati up the Spanish Steps in Rome, after which he was arrested.

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