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It will be possible to travel unlimitedly in Germany for 60 hryvnias per day

The German government has announced an unprecedented expansion of its support for the domestic travel sector for foreign tourists and locals: the country will introduce the Deutschlandticket, an unlimited travel ticket costing €49 (about UAH 2,000), which is equivalent to approximately €1.60 (60 hryvnias) per day, valid for trains, buses, and trams. Interregional tolls will be introduced by January 1, 2023.

According to Deutsche Bahn, the country decided to introduce this unlimited as a permanent subscription after the success of the €9 (about UAH 330) ticket. “Due to the great success of the €9 ticket and the climate-friendly effect of increased use of public transport, the Deutschlandticket will be introduced as a permanent season ticket in cooperation with the federal and state governments as part of the third federal government aid package,” it said statements of Deutsche Bahn.

Ride all day in Germany for the price of three trips on Kyiv minibusses
The new pass, which the authorities are expected to launch as early as January 1, 2023, can be compared in price with 3-4 trips on minibusses in Kyiv. Access to the German travel card is provided by subscription, which can be canceled at any time. In addition, it will be valid throughout the country. With the pass, tourists and locals will be able to travel throughout Germany on public transport, as well as on regional rail services of all participating transport companies, the ticket will cover all public transport for short and medium distances.

In addition to German citizens, the ticket is also available for tourists arriving in a European country from other countries. They do not need to book a ticket in advance, it is available for purchase through DB sales channels such as bahn.de and DB Navigator, as well as at DB travel centers throughout Germany. In addition, many other transport companies appeared to sell Deutschlandticket through their sales channels.

The innovation is expected to simplify local tariffs and encourage more people to switch from cars to environmentally friendly modes of transport. “As a ‘single fare for regional transport’, Deutschlandticket simplifies local transport fares as it allows you to travel across national and tariff borders. Therefore, this is a strong argument in favor of the transition from the car to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport,” Deutsche Ban said in a statement.

Earlier, Berlin also decided to extend the unlimited fare of 29 euros. Tickets for public transport will be valid until the end of March, and their price will not change either for residents or guests of the German capital. The news was announced by the Berlin Senate: everyone will be able to buy transport tickets at the same price as in the capital. Officials explained that by expanding the offer, they want to invest in modern public transport and effectively ease the burden on Berliners (details here).

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