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Berlin continues free entry to 60 attractions

Berlin continues free entry to 60 attractions. We are talking about Berlin, which, according to publications in the German press, has extended the days of free admission for more than 60 museums in the city for another two years.

This was stated by the Berlin senator for culture, Joe Cialo. The first Sunday of every month remains free for daytime visits. He also said that free entry to museums had been secured for the next two years thanks to the “recently passed double budget” covering 2024-2025.

These museums include the most popular Berlin museums among tourists – such as the Old Museum, the National Gallery, the Art Gallery in Berlin, etc. At the same time, on normal days, the entrance to the same Old Museum will cost 12 euros.

So tourists were reminded that the next free museum day will be February 4, 2024. Next, tourists will be able to visit museums for free on the following dates: March 3, 2024, April 7, 2024, May 5, 2024, June 2, 2024, July 7, 2024, August 4, 2024, September 1, 2024, October 6, 2024, November 3, 2024 and December 1, 2024.

However, tourists have been warned that if they wish to visit the most popular museums these days, especially on Museum Island, they are advised to register before visiting to get a free seat. Bookings are generally timed and online, bookings open about a week in advance, and places fill up quickly.

By the way, the German media also did not forget to mention that while Berlin maintains programs for free visits to museums, other popular attractions refuse free entry. As an example, they mention Istanbul, where the Hagia Sophia once again became a toll for tourists, and they will have to pay 25 euros. It will be recalled that the introduction of the fee caused “chaos, riots, and outrage” (read here).

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