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It’s raining worms in India: frightening footage

The fall of “creepy tapeworms” from the sky in the state of Bihar was caught on video, reports NewYorkPost.

A moment worthy of Biblical stories occurred in Bihar, a state in the East Indies on the border with Nepal. Virus footage shows thousands of “worms” falling from the sky. A rain of white creatures covered the road and cars in a thick layer.

It is reported that frightened locals began to hide in houses and close their shops.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first such incident in the world. Previously, citizens of Liaoning province in China had to arm themselves with umbrellas to hide from a similar rain of “worms”. Videos from China also garnered millions of views and theories.

After studying the footage from India and China, the experts suggested that, most likely, they depicted rain from poplar “earrings”, spike-shaped brushes of white color, similar to worms.

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