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It’s not my fault who didn’t hide: Tourists in Thailand warned of looming threat across country

Monsoons and the rainy season continue to spoil vacations in Thailand for not the first batch of tourists — vacationers were once again warned about the threat looming across the country.

As the Thai Meteorological Department has issued a southwest monsoon warning, 46 provinces covering 40% of the country’s north and south, including areas popular with tourists, are again expected to experience downpours and storms. Residents and tourists are urged to be vigilant, and as they say, “Whoever didn’t hide, I’m not to blame.”

In particular, tourists were warned to expect “continuous thunderstorms” in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, mainly on the side facing the monsoon. In the Andaman Sea, the height of the waves can reach about 1 meter, and during a thunderstorm – up to 2 meters, pleasure boats are urged to stay on the shore, and tourists – not to step into the water.

At the same time, in the north of the tourist provinces, Chiang Mai will be hit by the elements, “thunderstorms” are also likely in Phuket, Krabi, and Trang province, etc. can reach speeds from 15 to 30 km/h, and showers, thunderstorms, and storm waves up to 2 meters.

We will remind you that only a week ago, the warning about the risks of flooding in Thailand on the most popular island among tourists worked one hundred percent. Phuket suffered a terrible blow from the elements: the island was flooded, and several main roads were blocked by the police from Sunday morning. At the same time, the territories beloved by tourists were under attack. “In the resort of Phuket, many streets became impassable, which led to the blocking of roads by the police. Water levels in the Bang Yai Canal, which runs through the city and provides a key drainage channel to the sea, have risen to potentially dangerous levels. Flooding was observed in several places, including Tha Kraeng Street, and the intersection of Tha Kraeng and Chao Pha East Road. Similarly, the popular tourist area of Patong was heavily flooded, especially in and around the local police station,” Thai media reported.

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