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Israel has launched a site on the rules of entry and rest for tourists

In Israel, after the opening of the country for tourists at the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism launched a site to help guests navigate the rules of entry and stay. The resource meets the slogan Welcome back to Israel! and contains sections “Planning a trip”, “During your stay”, “Before you leave us” for easy navigation.

“Planning a trip” provides up-to-date information from the Ministry of Health on who is allowed to enter the country and what documents must be provided to the traveler, the next section contains information on how and where to test in the country, and the block “Before you leave us »Reports on the documents required for departure from Ben Gurion Airport. While the resource is available only in English, the developers promise to release a Russian-language version of the site soon.

Despite the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the Omicron virus, Israel has revised its policy and sees no need to close the country to visitors. The country’s tourism industry has suffered greatly from the pandemic: if in 2019 Israel was visited by a record 4.5 million tourists, in 2020 their number fell to 832.5 thousand people, and in 2021 halved to 401, 5 thousand people.

Below is nowhere to fall and the country is trying to rectify the situation. The process of arrival in the country is multi-stage, involves filling out a declaration of entry 2 days before departure, PCR and serological tests, as well as three-day quarantine. In addition, there is a question about the validity of the certificate of vaccination “Satellite”: the site sends to the official information of the Ministry of Health of Israel, which states that it is equal to a month.

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