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Infernal heat covered the resorts of Egypt: in some places it is expected to reach +45°C

Dust storms in Egypt’s resorts have been replaced by hellish heat – on the coast this week, the heat will reach +36 degrees, and tourists who have gathered for an excursion will have to prepare for an extreme temperature of up to +45 degrees. Even on Mount Moses – the Egyptian “pole of cold” for tourists – record temperatures were recorded.

So, according to Major General Khaled Fuda, governor of South Sinai, the resort province is “very hot in all parts”, with temperatures significantly higher than in recent days. Even Mount Saint Catherine, which is the highest mountain peak in Egypt and the local “pole of cold”, recorded the lowest temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, the maximum reaches +21, and Mount Moses, where tourists go to meet the dawn, is ready to pamper them with +16 degrees in the coldest time and +23 degrees “on average”.

On the coast, in Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab, located on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, the highest temperatures of this season were recorded. Sharm el-Sheikh showed from +29 to +36 degrees. At the same time, the heat will increase by the weekend, reaching +37, then a slight decrease is promised.

As for Hurghada, it is hot in this province as well: they promise +35-36 by the weekend, then light clouds will come to the resort and the temperature will drop a little. It is easily up to +33. The water in the Red Sea is also very warm – +26 degrees.

But most of all, tourists who have gathered for an excursion to Luxor will have to prepare for the extreme. There, on the hottest day, Saturday, it can reach +45 degrees. And on average, the temperature stays above +40.

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