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In Turkey, German and British tourists clashed with Russians

Turkey received almost 99% of tourists from the results of 2019, while Germans, Englishmen, and Russians “fought” for the first place. European tourists generally increased in number, while Russian statistics showed a decline until 2019. The Turkish tourism media presented such data

According to statistics published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the European tourist flow exceeded the indicators of 2019 and 2021 for the 11 months of 2022. In general, the number of tourists reached 2.6 million in November, almost 48 million in 11 months or 99% of the same period in 2019, then the result was 48.5%.

European countries, where 21.7 million arrived in 11 months, exceeded the 2019 figure by 12.62%. At the same time, Germany, from where 5.5 million arrived, showed a growth of 13% compared to the previous period, and Austria, which sent 428,000 tourists, showed similar growth. Great Britain, which sent 3.3 million tourists to Turkey, increased by 32% compared to pre-pandemic 2019.

As for Russia, the Turks are recording a decline here. 4.9 million tourists came to Turkey from the Russian Federation in 11 months of this year. This is a decline of almost a third or 28% by 2019. By 2021, an increase of almost 9% – the Turks note.

The mayor of Kemer Nejati Topaloglu said that the resort welcomed 2 million 915 thousand 680 people in our area, although about 760 thousand of this number are local tourists. As for foreigners, the majority of guests who come to Kemer are German, British, Russian, and Kazakh tourists.

China showed the highest decline in the flow of tourists to Turkey – it lags behind the previous indicators by 80%. although 78,000 Chinese tourists somehow got to Turkey.

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