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The All Inclusive system will work in a new way in Turkey: Hotels will switch to a 3-tier system

The all-inclusive system will change in Turkey: hotels will move to a 3-level All inclusive system, including low, medium, and high levels. This was stated by Kaana Kavaloglu, President of the Mediterranean Tourism Association of Hoteliers and Operators.

He said the 2024 targets stated that the all-inclusive system “should be relaxed”.

“We will have to go back a little. We also worked on this when we planned the all-inclusive system for low-, medium-, and high-income hotels. Now we will set a standard for this system,” he assured.

It is reported that this clearly will not happen in the coming years. The industry must engage in “debugging and balancing,” the expert said. Moreover, competitors can step on their heels at any moment – the same Spain, which Turkey overtook “due to the innovation of facilities.”

At the same time, Kavaloglu called on hoteliers to be realistic and not count too much on the 2024 season.

“We will have to take very restrained steps without losing our price and service advantages in the new season,” he emphasized.

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