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In Turkey, a helicopter fell directly on a 5-star hotel

The accident happened in the popular Turkish “medical” resort of Afyon – a helicopter with two people on board fell directly on a five-star hotel. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

According to the Turkish press, a helicopter belonging to a pharmaceutical company in Afyonkarahisar crashed into pine trees surrounding a fence in the garden of a 5-star hotel in the Sadikbey district of the city center while landing. There were two people on board the helicopter, one of them Canadian.

Ambulance teams, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the police were sent to the scene of the incident. Fortunately, both passengers survived the accident without any injuries. The investigation into the cause of the incident continues.

Reference: Afyon (Afyon-Karahisar) is a Turkish city located in the central region of Western Anatolia. It is primarily known to local tourists as a popular medical resort with geothermal springs located near the city. Therefore, most of its hotels are spa resorts. Tourists are also attracted by numerous attractions, including a local fortress on top of a huge rock, at the foot of which the city is located.

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