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In the US, an angry food passenger tried to break into the pilot

An American Airlines flight passenger was dissatisfied with onboard food, tried to break into the cockpit, and attacked a flight attendant. As a result, the man went on trial, according to The Daily Beast.

The high-profile incident occurred on an aircraft flying from Bridgetown, Barbados to Miami, South Florida. A few hours after takeoff, passenger Robert David Croisa complained to the flight attendant about the vegetarian menu, after which he stated that the flight attendant was impolite to him.

The angry man demanded to speak to the pilot about poor service on board. The brawler left his chair and tried to get into the cockpit to the commander of the aircraft, while the crew members begged him to return to his seat. During the argument, he pushed the flight attendant several times on the shoulder. As a result, one of the passengers had to put Cruaz on the seat.

For the rest of the flight, he continued to complain about the flight attendants. After the plane landed, the brawler was detained. In court, he pleaded guilty to assault. What decision the court made is still unknown.

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