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In the capital of Italy, in Rome, a tourist decided to go down to the famous Trevi Fountain to take some water.

In Rome, there have been cases when tourists break laws, damage historical sites or show disrespect for famous places, which causes bewilderment even among local residents.

One of the latest videos circulating on social media shows a woman who decided to collect water from Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain. Despite clear poster warnings against entering the fountain, she bravely climbed to the top to fill her bottle with water. As soon as she has time to fill the bottle, a guard, running towards her from the crowd, pays attention to her. In the end, the guard brings the woman to the exit to have a preventive conversation with her. However, at the moment it is not clear whether she was detained or if she was fined.

This is not the first time tourists have shown inappropriate behavior. Recently, a tourist, who was in a sober state, aroused the indignation of the Roman authorities, to bathe in the world-famous fountain. Back in June, a video emerged showing another tourist carving his initials into the walls of Rome’s Colosseum. Later, he admitted that he underestimated the historical value of this building.

According to the laws of Italy, tourists can face either up to a year in prison or a fine ranging from 2,060 to 14,000 euros for damaging historical monuments.

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