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In Thailand, a tourist from Russia was swept out to sea: rescuers did not have time to help him

In Thailand, on the resort island of Phuket, an emergency occurred again: yesterday, rescuers caught a Russian tourist who had drowned in the sea. The young man was quickly taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him, The Phuket News reported today.

Last Thursday, red flags on Bang Tao Beach did not stop vacationers from swimming. Some swam clearly beyond the safe zone – on the shore they saw that three people were quickly being carried away into the open sea.

While rescuers on a jet ski were able to reach people who were tired of fighting the current, they were carried away from the coast almost two hundred meters. Two tourists were safely brought to the ground, the third man had already choked and showed no signs of life.

Despite artificial respiration, he did not regain consciousness. The victim was taken to a hospital in the city of Thalang, but doctors were unable to help and pronounced him dead.

As the police later established, a 34-year-old tourist from Russia died. He arrived on vacation less than a week before the tragedy – on September 23.

Located in the northwest, Bang Tao Beach, also known as Laguna Beach, is considered one of the best on the island. However, it is quite dangerous for swimming – it is washed by the open sea.

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