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In India, a wild elephant attacked a taxi with tourists

Wild animals “block roads and create problems,” including for tourists, write in the Indian media. According to the local press, a wild elephant has taken the situation in the state of Tamil Nadu in India to a whole new level: on the Mettupalayam-Kotagiri national highway, the beast attacked a taxi carrying tourists right on the highway.

The incident took place when the tourists were on their way to Ooty, a popular destination in the area. Having met an elephant on the road, the car stopped. Enraged by the presence of the car, the elephant rushed towards it, causing panic and fear among the passengers and the driver. The video shows that the passengers quickly left the car to ensure their safety. An angry elephant attacked a car, tearing out its doors and damaging its windows. He even lifted the car, threatening to push it off the road, while frightened onlookers screamed and tried to distract the elephant.

Forest officials were immediately informed and were eventually able to escort the elephant back into the jungle. They said the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can be encountered on forest roads. Next, they announced the basic safety rules:

What to do if you meet a wild animal on the road? If you encounter a wild animal on the road, it is very important to take care of your safety. Remain calm, stay inside the vehicle, and avoid sudden movements and loud noises. If an animal approaches, drive slowly and carefully in reverse if safe to do so. If leaving is not possible, try to find a safe place or shelter nearby.

Why do wild animals take to the roads? Wild animals such as elephants often take to the roads in search of food or due to habitat encroachment. Human settlements and agricultural activities may force them to explore alternative areas in search of livelihoods.

Are such incidents common in India? Encounters between wild animals and vehicles are not uncommon in India. The country’s diverse wildlife population and extensive network of roads passing through natural habitats may increase the likelihood of such encounters. Caution is advised when traveling in areas where wildlife may be seen.

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