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In Berlin, women were allowed to swim topless in all city pools

Berlin city authorities have allowed women to swim topless in all city pools. This is reported on the official website of the city hall.

It is noted that the city council received a complaint about gender discrimination. A resident of Berlin was outraged that she was not allowed to swim in the pool with bare breasts, although there are no formal prohibitions on this.

The woman stressed that the general rules for using swimming pools mandate the wearing of “swimsuits that are available for sale” – without any clarifications regarding gender differences and restrictions.

The Berlin City Council considered the complaint and decided to further specify in the rules that “female persons, as well as persons with breasts that are perceived as female” are not required to wear the upper part of a swimsuit in city swimming pools.

“The adopted decision creates equal rights for all Berliners, be they men, women, or non-binary persons, and also creates legal certainty for the staff of bathhouses,” the city hall explained.

The struggle for gender equality in Europe

Back in 2019, the authorities of Spanish Catalonia allowed women not to wear the upper part of a swimsuit in public swimming pools. The decision was made in the context of combating gender discrimination.

Also last year, the British airline Virgin Atlantic, owned by billionaire Richard Branson, abolished strict rules regarding the work uniform of the staff. Now flight crew members can “express their gender identity” as they see fit.

But the struggle for equality between the sexes does not always take place in such an “easy area” as wearing a certain type of clothing. Yes, in England they are seriously debating whether to make God “gender neutral”. The topic is very serious.

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