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In Berlin, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium with 1,500 exotic fish exploded

In the shopping and entertainment complex DomAquaree in Berlin (Germany) on the morning of December 16, 2022, a huge aquarium in which about 1,500 exotic fish lived exploded.

As a result of the accident, 1 million liters of water and garbage spilled onto the main road in the busy area of Mitte. Some of the nearby streets had to be closed, Reuters reports concerning emergency services.

In addition, according to the Berlin police, two people were injured – they suffered shrapnel injuries.

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A representative of the Berlin fire department, in turn, said that the rescuers could not get to the first floor of the building due to the debris. Search and rescue dogs were dispatched to the scene.

At the same time, about 350 people were evacuated from the hotel located in the mall.

At the same time, emergency services have not yet reported what caused the explosion of the aquarium. Neither the firefighters nor the police commented on the fate of the fish.

It should be noted that the DomAquaree shopping and entertainment complex houses the Radisson Hotel, a museum, shops, and restaurants, as well as the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium, 14 meters high, according to the hotel’s website.

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