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In Argentina, a man wanted to make himself coffee and caused a large-scale natural disaster

A resident of Argentina lit a fire in the forest to make coffee. Due to the heat and strong wind, the flames spread to the nearest trees, and soon they were burning in several provinces, La Nacion reports.

The fire has been extinguished for three days now. It is noted that the fire approached residential areas and dozens of houses were in the danger zone. Some residents were evacuated, and about fifty families left on their own.

According to media reports, the flames reached several residential yards.

“This is a very active fire that volunteer firefighters from around the region are trying to extinguish, as well as ETAC (Technical Incident Response Team) agents using two hydrant aircraft. The weather is not in our favor with winds from the north exceeding 60 meters and temperatures higher 33 degrees,” said Minister for Climate Risk Management Claudio Vignetta.

The police have already detained the man who caused a natural disaster in the country. He turned out to be 27-year-old Argentinean Ulises Pedro Jarate. He told authorities that he wanted to make coffee and lit a fire, but lost control of it due to the wind.

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