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In Antalya, women under 160 cm tall were banned from going out

In the main tourist province of Turkey, a message has spread, that it is forbidden for women to go outside if their height does not exceed 160 cm. This was reported by the local publication Antalya Hakkinda, citing Antalya Governor Ersin Yazci.

According to the information, there is a high probability that women with a small height can be picked up by the wind and taken in an unknown direction. We will remind you that the other day life in Antalya practically stopped because the resort was hit by rain and a hurricane that felled a tree on tourists. The main blow of the elements fell on the resort on Thursday morning – the wind speed exceeded 60 km/h, and the waves in the sea rose to 6 meters. And in some other popular provinces, wind gusts reached 100 km/h.

However, as the commentators explained, this is just a joke, which becomes relevant during the announcement of a storm warning in resort cities. At the same time, the Meteorological Service of Antalya reminded us that there is some truth in every joke and the risk of being on the coast in extremely adverse weather conditions.

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