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In Antalya, beaches were flooded with tourists: Turkish resorts were covered by unprecedented summer heat

The Turkish weather is not in a hurry to change the summer mood to the autumn one, it only pleases the tourists. In the summer, the hot sun still warms the resorts of Turkey, so the beaches in the popular Antalya are filled with a crowd of vacationers.

Let’s consider what the weather is expected to be like in Turkey’s main chicken province this week. Yes, the holiday season continues in the coastal areas of Turkey. Last weekend, thermometers showed a daytime value of +25°C, the same water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea on the Turkish coast, with humidity – 31%, reports Ensonhaber.

For comparison, many cities in Turkey have already experienced cool autumn weather, while the situation is different in the tourist city of Antalya: it is still summer in the southern region. Local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the good weather take advantage of this opportunity and flock to Konyaalta’s coast every day to sunbathe, swim, and surf. In the city, where sunny weather prevails, the density of vacationers is recorded on the beaches, as well as in parks and gardens.

In popular Bodrum, which is traditionally considered the cooler region of Turkey, to the surprise of forecasters, the summer season is also continuing. Thermometers at the resort are also kept at +25 ° C, but the temperature in the Aegean Sea is significantly lower – only +21 ° C. However, this does not prevent travelers from considering Bodrum a tourist paradise and enjoying the sun on the beach. The density of travelers is observed mainly on the beach in Kumbahçe, but the concentration of vacationers is also noticeable in places such as Gumbet, Bitez, and Ortakent.

According to the meteorological forecast, until Friday, November 4, the resorts are not expected to cool down, the thermometer will stay at +25°C, which is comfortable for a beach vacation. This means that beachgoers are in for another pleasant week in Turkey.

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