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In Africa, a huge rhinoceros attacked tourists during a safari

A video of an angry rhinoceros caused a shock on social networks: a huge animal attacked tourists in Africa.

The media write that an unexpected meeting occurred during a safari in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park.

The aggressive animal rushes to the car, goes to a gallop and starts chasing frightened tourists.

“Yesterday I had a crazy experience with a temperamental rhinoceros. He chased us at full speed for 3-4 minutes. Our guide drove as fast as he could on very muddy and uneven roads.

This kind of behavior is clearly not normal for a rhinoceros, and our guide said it was one of the five most dangerous animal encounters of his life. An absolutely crazy day in nature and an extra reminder that we are only guests in the homes and territories of these animals,” Anastasia Chapman shared her experience on Instagram.

The viral clip drew mixed reactions, with one user admitting his mistake about the rhinoceros.

“Before watching the video, I thought I could overtake rhinos. I once read statistics that rhinos killed more people than lions. But I also imagined them as slow, massive and slow. How wrong I was,” wrote the commentator.

“You just need to leave them alone and not get close. Poor creatures. People are too intrusive. We caused so much pain and suffering to these incredible creatures,” another user defended the animal.

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