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Germany urged Turkey to change the “all inclusive” system

In Germany, Turkey was urged to change the “all-inclusive” system, removing excess from it: the general director of the German-Turkish tour operator Bentour, Deniz Ugur, again proposed to revise it “so that Turkey’s hotels can maintain their competitive advantage in the face of rising prices.” He argues that many all-inclusive guests don’t want to pay for things they don’t use, so different options should be created within the all-inclusive system.

However, other tour operators, including the management of “German” Coral Travel, as well as Schauinsland Reisen, ANEX Tour, and Pro Guest Touristik Marketing, do not consider this approach to be realistic. However, the trend among Germans is emerging. In particular, Andreas Rüttgers, head of tourism at Schauinsland Reisen, explained that three trends stand out at the moment, Rüttgers said: “This is the classic all-inclusive, the extended all-inclusive with additional and premium offers and the cheaper all-inclusive in 3 and 4-star hotels. But more and more people pay only for the room or only for breakfast.

As a result, tourists were suggested not to be confused by the introduction of “package” versions of “all-inclusive” and to join the “classic offers”. As ANEX Tour Customer Relations Manager Demir Karachayly added: “The trend is clearly towards ultra all-inclusive and quality, and therefore higher prices. Such requirements as excluding alcohol from the “all inclusive” system or limiting the offer of the “buffet” are unrealistic,” he emphasized.

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