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Four-meter alligator with a man’s body in its mouth spotted in Florida

In Florida, in one of the residential areas, a local resident noticed a huge alligator in a canal, which was dragging the body of a man in its teeth, reports the New York Post.

A witness to the monstrous picture immediately contacted the rescue service and reported what was happening. Specialists arrived at the scene and caught the alligator from the canal. To remove the man’s body from its mouth, the alligator had to be shot.

Experts suggested that he could have crawled into a residential area from a nearby park, which contains a lake – the habitat of these reptiles.

The witness said alligators often crawl into their area, but this one was the largest he had ever seen.

Police are trying to determine the identity and cause of death of the man who was being dragged by the alligator.

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