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Four children from plane crash found alive in Colombia

In Colombia, 17 days after the plane crashed in the jungle, soldiers found four children alive – 13, 9, 4 years old, and an 11-month-old baby. Their mother and the pilot of the aircraft did not survive, reports Semana.com.

On May 1, a Cessna 206 flying from Araraquara to San José del Guaviare in the Caqueta department in the south of the country reported an engine failure and gave an emergency signal. Soon the ship disappeared from the radar. He was searched for more than 16 days. The search was complicated by weather conditions and the inaccessibility of the terrain.

When the soldiers managed to get to the plane on May 16, they found the bodies of the pilot and two women in the cabin. The four minor children who were also on board were not found either in the cabin or near the vessel.

However, the soldiers found footprints, scissors, and a bag near the crash site and continued their search. They were joined by volunteers, as well as cynologists with specially trained dogs.

Despite bad weather and other difficulties, people combed the area in all directions and found the same survivors.

President Gustavo Petro shared the happy news on the air of local media.

“After an intense search carried out by our armed forces, we have found alive four children who were missing as a result of a plane crash in Guaviara. Joy for the whole country,” Petro wrote on his Twitter blog.

Residents called this rescue a real miracle since it is difficult to survive in the jungle for almost two weeks even for an adult-trained person, not like children.

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