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Experts tell how tourists can avoid scammers in Paris

The blogger shared several tips that will help you avoid unpleasant situations and not encounter scammers during your trip to Paris.

A video in which a blogger named Kanan talks about the most common tricks of street scammers in the French capital has received more than 400 thousand views on Instagram.

In the video, he talks about three main tricks that tourists often fall for. The first is a transparent glass with change, which, as the blogger notes, a beggar deliberately scatters on the sidewalk when a person passes. While the victim is helping to pick up the coins, the scammer may steal something from his pocket or start asking for more money.

The second is “free” bracelets that strangers impose, offering them as a “gift”. According to the author of the video, as soon as the bracelet is tied to the hand, the scammer demands money for it, sometimes up to 20 euros. Kanan admits that he fell for this trick in Milan, but only paid 2 euros.

The third is pickpockets in the subway, who can pull the phone out of your hand or hide behind large bags and packages to feel the pockets of passengers. The blogger advises being super careful on public transport and keep valuables in a safe place.

In the comments to the video, netizens shared their stories of fraud and talked about other tricks that the author of the video did not mention.

“Taxi drivers in Paris drive on the wrong streets for a long time, and then they call the bill, and you faint,” “In general, our Airbnb was opened with a key, either the owner himself or those who lived there before, stole all the equipment. It’s better to stay in hotels, at least there are more witnesses and cameras,” “But what about the classics of the genre near the Lafayette Gallery? A couple of women come up with a piece of paper so that you just leave your name and signature to help the deaf and dumb. And while you take the pen, they either take your bag or rummage through your pockets,” “I had a case, the subway was quite empty, and an old man sat down next to me, he had one hand in a splint, I felt something crawling around my pocket, but not attached meaning. And imagine my surprise when the old man stood up, and my metro ticket was lying next to me. The hand in the splint was fake, and he was reaching into his pockets with his good hand,” the commentators wrote.

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