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Everyone applauded: passengers and crew gave birth on a flight from Uzbekistan

On April 26, a child was born on flight HY273 of Uzbekistan Airways on the route Tashkent – Istanbul. This was reported by the press service of the air carrier.

Childbirth began on approach to Istanbul. A 27-year-old passenger named Sitora A. turned to the flight attendants with complaints of feeling unwell.

“The foreman, having assessed the situation, asked the doctors on board to respond over the speakerphone. Sometime later, a boy was born to the passenger at the 28th week of pregnancy,” the report says.

A man who witnessed a rare and joyful event on board the aircraft published a video on the network, in which passengers are announced: “I was born!” The news was received with well-deserved applause.

According to the airline, after a safe landing, the medical personnel of Istanbul Airport boarded. The mother and the newborn were transported to the clinic, and their condition is assessed as stable.

“On behalf of the airline team, we congratulate the parents on the birth of our little compatriot and express gratitude to the crew and doctors who assisted in the delivery on board. In memory of this event, Uzbekistan Airways will present memorable gifts to passengers who provided all possible assistance during childbirth. On World Pilot Day, the kid will connect his life with the sky and aviation,” the press service of the air carrier added.

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