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Documents will soon not be checked at airports: tourists will board the plane fully digitized

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the continuation of the digitization course in its official statement. The association said it has developed industry standards aimed at even greater “digitalization” of passengers, which will allow them to avoid stops and, even more so, queues at the check-in desk or at the boarding pass and document checks. In addition, IATA also reported on working with airlines to implement the One ID initiative to digitize passenger services at airports using contactless biometric processes.

“Currently, various airports are using programs that allow travelers to go through airport procedures, including boarding, without presenting paper documents, as their boarding pass is linked to a biometric identifier. However, in most cases, passengers are still required to identify themselves at the check-in desk or at the boarding gate by physically checking paper documents,” the association noted. According to them, the single digitization standard “will contribute to the implementation of a single identity card with a mechanism that allows passengers to obtain all the necessary permits in digital form directly before the trip.”

As IATA Senior Vice President of Operations and Security Nick Karin added, travelers are interested in technology to make travel easier. 83% of passengers are ready to share information for expedited registration. Therefore, he expects that the “digital” version will quickly become popular.

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