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Depression awaits Egypt

A “sudden winter attack” and a depression in the climatic sense await in Egypt. According to Mahmoud Shahin, director of the Center for Forecasting and Analysis at the Meteorological Department of Egypt, from Thursday “the winter season will bare its fangs” and the country will be covered by rain and cold – for Egypt – weather. Nevertheless, it is worth warning tourists who have gathered for excursions to the Pyramids and Luxor, as well as to the Sinai Mountains – they will expect cold weather, especially early in the morning.

“With the onset of winter, we will witness a gradual decrease in temperature by 3 degrees. Due to the lack of sunlight, the temperature will drop and reach 13 degrees in the northern governorates and Greater Cairo late at night and early in the morning,” the expert said. Therefore, he urges tourists and residents to wear “winter clothes” at this time

He also warned that rains of medium intensity are expected on the coasts of Egypt. Although it is mainly about the Mediterranean, where there are not many tourists, precipitation will also “reach” the south of the Red Sea province and cover the Marsa Alam resort.

As for the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, the forecast does not promise rain there. Although especially hot as well. A cloudy day at both resorts is expected only on Thursday, then neither precipitation nor cloudiness is expected. The weather in Hurghada will last almost a week at 22 degrees during the day and 13-15 at night, in Sharm the same picture – cloudless +22-24 and +13-15 at night. The sea will maintain a temperature of +25 degrees.

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