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Deadly algae washed up on Florida beaches

Algae containing “flesh-eating” bacteria washed up on Florida beaches.

Scientists are seriously concerned about the health of people and animals, since the algae thrown onto the coast during decomposition not only exude the smell of rotten eggs, but also contain many Vibrio bacteria, as well as other strains of omnivorous bacteria. Contact with them can result in serious health consequences.

Bacteria can enter through the mucous membrane and lead to severe inflammation. They also enter the body through wounds on the skin.

Deadly algae washed up on Florida beaches

Volunteers immediately set about cleaning the beaches, noting that the possibility of rain scares them the most. In this case, “devouring flesh” bacteria will enter the soil, and then into the homes of Americans through tap water.

Experts have warned that the bacteria are especially dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, as well as for those who have chronic liver disease.

It is reported that this is not the first time such a phenomenon has been observed on the beaches of Florida, and the state authorities know how to effectively deal with the problem. This year, about five million dollars have been allocated for the cleaning of algae, and they plan to finish it by the beginning of the tourist beach season.

According to scientists, a favorable environment for Vibrio is created by plastic entering the world’s oceans. Bacteria attach to it in a matter of seconds, then spread across the ocean and settle on brown algae. The interaction of plastic, algae and bacteria creates a perfect storm of omnivorous pathogens that threaten the lives of both marine life and humans.

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