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Dams that save millions of lives: the world’s greatest structures

Humanity creates dams for various reasons: to prevent floods, floods, and landslides, to generate electricity, or to create a water supply.

Hoover Dam, USA

Hoover Dam is a huge concrete arch-gravity dam that was built during the Great Depression from 1931 to 1936. The structure is located on the border of two states — Arizona and Nevada. Sources indicate that its construction cost $45 million, and now, taking into account inflation, its cost is estimated at $750 million.

The construction of the dam eliminated the danger of flooding, which was common in the lower reaches of the Colorado River. Since the dam helps smooth out fluctuations in river level.

Itaipu Dam, South America

Another large hydroelectric dam is located in South America on the Parana River. This dam is located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The construction of the dam took 13 years, and now it is the second most productive dam in the world. This dam solves drought problems while reducing the risk of flooding.

Three Gorges Dam, China

The dam is located on the Yangtze River in Hubei Province. Sources note that in 2020, the Three Gorges broke the Itaipu Dam’s annual record for electricity generation, reaching 112 billion kilowatts per hour. In addition to generating electricity, the dam increases the flow capacity of the Yangtze River. Thus, the structure protects millions of people living in the lower regions of the province from flooding.

Glen Canyon Dam, USA

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete gravity dam located in Arizona. This dam was erected to create water reserves in the upper reaches of the Colorado River, as well as to control the level of the river. As a result, Lake Powell was formed, which became the second-largest reservoir in the United States.

Daniel Johnson Dam, Canada

The dam is located on the Manicouagan River in Quebec. The huge structure was built to contain the Manicouagan Reservoir, which was formed at the site of a giant meteorite more than 214 million years ago.

Aswan Dam, Egypt

The Aswan High Dam is the world’s largest embankment dam and is located on the Nile River, near the city of Aswan. The dam will serve two roles: on the one hand, it generates electricity, and on the other, it allows local authorities to control irrigation from the Nile to support agriculture in the region and also protects nearby settlements from flooding.

Katse Dam, Lesotho

Katse Dam is a concrete arch dam on the Malibamat’so River that was built between 1991 and 1998. The main purpose of the construction of the Katse Dam was to create a system for generating electricity and protecting the country from floods. It allows you to regulate water flow along the Katsa River.

Deriner Dam, Türkiye

The Deriner Dam is considered one of the greatest dams in the world, and it is located in the province of Artvin. Its height is 249 meters. The main purpose of the dam is to generate electricity at a hydroelectric power station, and its additional purpose is to control floods.

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