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Croatia attracts tourists with free tests

Croatia is actively working on the return of foreign tourists. Currently, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, first of all, great security and free rapid tests are being advertised.

However, the Croatian government would like to welcome tourists as soon as possible – preferably to Trinity. The Safe Stay in Croatia program, launched specifically for this purpose, is designed to help.

Holidays in Croatia in 2021: government hopes

The trademark “Safe stay in Croatia” was presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for hotels and tourist facilities that meet health and hygiene standards. It is designed to ensure the special safety of foreign tourists.

Vacationers will also be offered free rapid tests: “We plan to create tourist test centers, where we will offer rapid tests for antigen and PCR,” – said the Minister of Tourism of Croatia Nikolina Brnjac. However, Croatia wants to follow European rules. Apparently, there are already some easing of restrictions on Easter, which the Minister welcomes.

Croatia is heavily dependent on tourism

The importance of tourism for Croatia is evidenced by figures from recent years: according to the National Tourism Association, in 2019 the country was visited by about 21 million vacationers in the Adriatic. Most of them came from Germany. Tourism accounts for 18.4 percent of gross domestic product, which is much more than in other European countries.

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