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“Chaos has begun”: a tourist opened the plane door and released the ramp

A tourist from Canada disrupted a Thai Airways flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The man opened the door of the plane as it was preparing to take off and released the inflatable ramp, reports the Daily Mail.

The passengers on board, they admitted, were horrified by this act.

“The plane was in chaos. What if it opened the doors at 30,000 feet (9 kilometers) above sea level?” wrote one of the passengers on the flight.

After the incident, the board was returned to the terminal, passengers had to leave the cabin as specialists began checking the technical safety of the airliner. According to the airport management, more than a dozen flights were disrupted because of the Canadian’s actions.

The man who decided to open the doors of the plane was detained by the police. He told the law enforcement officers that he did this because certain people were chasing him. However, the police are confident that, judging by the state of the tourist at the time of his arrest, he was simply hallucinating.

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