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Cancellation of tours to a popular resort in Turkey has begun: the reason is given

The first groups of tourists began to arrive at the ski resorts of Turkey, but not everything went smoothly. If at the Erzurum Palandonken resort tourists are already “enjoying skiing and snow”, as the Turkish media assure, then in Uludag, according to their estimates, the situation is sadder – the cancellation of tours has begun. The reason is an insufficient amount of snow cover.

“Preparations for the New Year have been completed in hotels with a capacity of about 5,000 places, and the entire tourist area of Uludag. However, the lack of snow caused the booking to be canceled before Christmas. Hotels in Uludag, where there was no place to meet the New Year in previous years, will welcome the new year with 50 percent occupancy,” Turkish media write.

At the same time, although they promise that the temperature will decrease, according to the information from the Main Directorate of Hydrometeorology, snowfall is not expected in the coming days and at the beginning of the new year. However, most of the load will likely be provided by foreign tourists to the resort, since it is difficult to cancel a tour due to the inevitable loss of money, domestic tourists are more likely to cancel their bookings.

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