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“Bachelor” reality star paralyzed at resort after leaving drink unattended

Don’t leave your drinks unattended on vacation – this is the conclusion the star of the Australian reality show “The Bachelor” made for himself after he became ill and felt paralyzed during a vacation in the Caribbean. The girl told Yahoo about the incident.

The horrifying story told by the young woman has turned out to be a serious warning to all tourists who enjoy the evening atmosphere in any place, wherever they are. Monique Morley, 30, found herself in a helpless state after walking around the resort and visiting a bar.

“I was in the Caribbean with my girlfriend and we decided to go to a local bar at lunchtime. There was nothing unusual inside, and we were the only visitors. Suddenly, a local guy came up to me and said: “Hey, I want to overtake you,” The tourist said, not understanding what he meant. Considering the bar’s emptiness, this situation made her very confused. “I was surprised because there was no one else there.”

According to Morley, the man walked past her while she was looking out at the ocean. After that, she drank from her glass. “When I went back to drink it, I felt a strange sensation, mainly in my legs, I started to feel dizzy,” the Australian added. Confused, Monique turned to her friend to see if she felt the same way. But she answered negatively. “I think something was put in my drink,” the girl assumed with horror and realized that the culprit was the man who was passing by him. It only took him a few seconds to pour something into the glass of a bar patron.

After that, everything went wrong. She asked her friend to take her to the hotel. “We had to stop all the time to give me time to come to my senses. I felt a strange feeling in my whole body, and I almost couldn’t feel my legs,” this is how the victim described her condition. By the time they reached their destination, Monique was almost completely paralyzed, nausea persisting for several hours. After a long time, the girl felt improvement.

She then decided to share her scary experience and warn travelers about the importance of being vigilant when on holiday abroad: “The holidays are coming up, be extra careful, watch your drinks and always be with someone you trust. Don’t ignore your intuition and avoid questionable situations that make you feel uncomfortable.”

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