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At the Turkish resort, the Turks began to learn the Polish language

The popular Turkish resort town of Alanya faced a surge in tourist demand this winter. However, the main supplier of tourists has changed: if earlier winter holidays in the coastal region were preferred by Scandinavians and Germans, now Poles have settled here. In this connection, the employees of the tourism industry hastily started to learn the Polish language. The travel blogger talked about the changes taking place at the resort.

During a visit to Alanya (Antalya province), the blogger personally saw many tourists in the city even in winter. “There are a lot of them. So much so that there is a feeling that the season is in full swing. Hotels are working 50/50. At the same time, according to the locals, those that closed at the end of October are now preparing to reopen – such is the great demand this year for winter holidays in Alania,” she noted. “The main contingent of vacationers is Poles, which is somewhat unusual for this region. Earlier, mainly Scandinavians and Germans came to Alania for vacation.”

Turks are quickly adapting to the new reality: Polish dishes are being introduced to the menu, and tourism sector workers are learning the Polish language.

At the same time, the author noted that it is extremely warm in Alanya for this time of year. During the day, the air temperature warms up to +20-22°C, while the sun shines and warms, and in the evening it drops slightly to a comfortable +15-17°C. Sometimes clouds descend from the mountains, covering the city with a veil of rain, then the air cools down a little.

In winter, as well as in the peak season, Turks make money from travelers looking for ways to have fun. Museums, a cable car, and excursions, including sea tours, are open to everyone. Deckchairs are installed on the beaches, there are sports fields, beach bars, and restaurants.

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