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At a beach bar in Mykonos, a tourist was charged 425 euros for drinks and snacks

A tourist from London said in the social. networks, how he received a bill for 425 euros for four drinks and a snack at a restaurant on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The DK Oyster bar on the stunning Platis Gialos beach has a bad reputation and hundreds of negative reviews on TripAdvisor. First of all, due to skyrocketing prices and cases of fraud in servicing tourists.

But, even though many have heard and read these terrible stories, they decide to visit this place, hoping that they will not be robbed.

Fortunately, the bar has its private beach, and customers are lured right from the street with free sun loungers if they buy drinks here.

So, our Englishman, being Greek by nationality and fluent in two languages, went to DK Oyster. According to him, he immediately felt that “something went wrong.”

“I thought if they tried to scam me, I would tell them in Greek to back off and tell me the real price.” But when he entered, the waiters didn’t bring him the menu, instead making a verbal “suggestion for” instead.

The guest ordered two tequilas, two beers, and some shrimp, which, when they arrived, turned into “six shrimp.” To his dismay, when the bill arrived, it contained the incredible sum of 425 euros.

Demanding to show him the menu, the Englishman was convinced that, although the prices there were higher than in other restaurants in Mykonos, they were still far from the three-digit figure that he was offered to pay.

The foreigner angrily shouted at the waiter: “No, I give you a maximum of 65 euros”, and threw the money on the table. A large man in a felt hat immediately approached him, and the rest of the restaurant staff suddenly became aggressive.

In the end, largely thanks to his native language, he was able to get out by threatening to call the police.

It emerged that DK Oyster had recently been fined €30,000 after an audit by the regional tourist authorities.

Earlier, two Americans fell for a similar trick in this establishment – they were charged more than 600 euros for a pair of mojitos and several crab claws.

As a result, DK Oyster has developed such a reputation that even taxi drivers, picking up tourists from the airport, warn each time: “If you are staying at Platys Gialos, don’t even go there.” Yes, and locals urge visitors to choose other places.

The waiters, according to tourists, deliberately target customers who are considered wealthy, for example, those who wear beautiful expensive watches.

One more case. An English woman with her 19-year-old daughter was horrified when they were charged almost 600 euros for two drinks and a snack in a restaurant, although, according to them, “we knew for sure that the bill would not exceed 200 euros.”

Another adventure dates back to 2019: a bill of 836.20 euros for several portions of squid, 3 Caesar salads, and 6 glasses of beer.

And, finally, the pinnacle of impudence towards tourists: in May this year, a group of friends was charged almost 1,700 euros for two main courses, a regular Greek salad, and bread. The restaurant staff explained the situation this way: the prices on the menu were not per serving, not per dish, but 100 grams. When one of the women asked to call the police, “the whole group was taken away from other customers, surrounded and intimidated into paying.”

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