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Antalya went under water: tourists were warned about the danger

As a result of the downpours that fell on the main resort province of Antalya in the south of Turkey, the Sarikavak stream burst its banks and flooded the region’s tourist facilities. That’s how Antalya ended up underwater. Local authorities have warned tourists about the danger, Milliyet newspaper reported.

The incident took place in the Kumluj district, 50 km from Kemer, on the morning of June 3. A “yellow code” of danger was announced in the tourist province the day before. Mudslides caused by downpours hit this popular resort and caused extensive damage to tourist facilities in the Adrasan district, an important tourist center of Kumluj on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. A strong current dragged gazebos installed near the beach into the sea. As a result of the flood, Adrasan Beach, known for its turquoise color, was completely submerged, and the color of the sea changed to brown. Eyewitnesses also spotted a car drifting. The driver was inside. While the water was carrying the vehicle, the man was able to get out.

A code yellow warning for heavy rain was issued for 30 provinces, including the European holiday resort of Antalya. The full list of regions covered the south and east of the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean Sea, and the western part of the Black Sea: Afyonkarahisar, Antalya, Balikesir, Bolu, Bursa, Cankiri, Eskişehir, Istanbul, Kastamonu, Kütahya, Mugla, Sinop, Zonguldak Ankara, Aydin, Bilecik, Burdur, Canakkale, Denizli, Isparta, Izmir, Kocaeli, Manisa, Sakarya, Usak, Kirikkale, Yalova, Duzce. In these locations of the country, prolonged precipitation and thunderstorms, strong wind with gusts up to 40-60 km/h are expected.

As you can see, unfavorable weather conditions also covered the capital of Turkey — Ankara, where important political events took place all day, including the swearing-in of the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, and his inauguration ceremony.

Local authorities and tour operators have warned tourists and residents of possible dangers associated with heavy rainfall. It is recommended to exercise caution and follow safety measures, especially in the event of flooding, localized flooding, lightning, hail and strong winds during rain.

Travelers planning trips to Antalya and nearby regions are also advised to monitor weather conditions and contact local authorities and travel agencies for up-to-date information and advice. Despite what happened, temperatures in the region are forecast to be within seasonal norms. However, tourists should still be vigilant and pay attention to meteorological reports.

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