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An Indian woman killed her husband with one blow to the nose when he refused to take her to the UAE

According to the Times of India, in India, a wife killed her husband with a blow to the nose for refusing to take her to Dubai for his birthday.

The incident occurred in the city of Pune, 150 km from Mumbai, in one of the elite residential complexes. The deceased is 36-year-old Nikhil Khanna, who was engaged in the construction business.

According to preliminary data, the quarrel began because the man refused to take his wife Renuka to Dubai to celebrate her birthday and did not give her expensive gifts on other occasions. Nikhil also did not want to go to Delhi to celebrate his relatives’ birthdays.

During the quarrel, the woman struck her husband in the nose with such force that he immediately lost consciousness and soon died. It was later discovered that his nose was broken and several teeth were knocked out, causing severe bleeding.

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