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An earthquake occurred in Antalya

Part of those vacationing in Antalya felt an unpleasant awakening. According to the Turkish Agency for combating natural disasters AFAD, an earthquake of magnitude 3.7 occurred near the shores of the popular resort, from which “part of Antalya woke up.”

According to the agency, the earthquake occurred 35.60 km from the Manavgat district, in the Gulf of Antalya. The depth of the earthquake, whose magnitude was determined as 3.7, was recorded as 55.34 km. Part of the frightened tourists felt the tremors, but there was no damage.

We will remind you that “in the wake” of the earthquake in February and massive frightening forecasts, Antalya was included in the list of dangerous provinces. Thus, at the end of February, a geologist, a member of the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Turkish National Committee of Engineering Geology, Okan Tuysüz, submitted a list according to which 45 provinces of Turkey, including resort provinces, were recognized as dangerous, which fell into the fault line. In particular, such well-known vacation destinations as Antalya, Istanbul, Mugla, famous for the resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris, etc., as well as Izmir, fell into the risk zone.

For reference, let’s add that the strength of earthquakes is expressed on the Richter scale, based on the assessment of the energy of seismic waves that are formed during tectonic shifts and cause an earthquake. The scale was developed by the American seismologist Charles Richter in 1935. Importantly, the scale uses a logarithmic scale, which means that each value on the scale indicates an earthquake ten times greater in power than the previous one. Thus, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale will cause 10 times more shaking of the Earth’s crust than a 4.0 earthquake. Therefore, earthquakes are conventionally divided into several groups according to their power and degree of destruction:

  1. 2.0 – the weakest shocks felt by a person;
  2. 4.5 – the weakest shocks that lead to small destructions;
  3. 6.0 – moderate destruction on the surface;
  4. 8.5 – the strongest known earthquake.

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