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Amshir brought the Egyptian winter to Hurghada: tourists complain about the cold wind and put on jackets

“Tell me what the weather is like in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh now, is it cold to swim?” – popular forums about Egypt in social networks and Telegram chats began to abound with this question. The answers, on average, do not encourage tourists – their colleagues, who have already flown to the resorts, complain about the “colder” wind and put on jackets. And the Egyptian mass media, referring to the data of the Meteorological Bureau of Egypt, remind of the cold month “Amshir” of the ancient Coptic calendar and call on Egyptians and visitors to the country to monitor the weather changes to dress according to the season.

The official forecast for Hurghada is quite tolerable — from +19°C to +22°C during the day, and +13-14°C at night… However, the cold wind “puts everything in place” and, judging by messages on social networks, tourists have different impressions , but in general you can’t call it perfect weather. “We are not happy with the weather, the wind is getting colder, we walk in winter jackets in the evening,” one of the tourists answered at the forum. “The animator even got into a sheepskin coat in the evening,” adds another.

Some tourists, however, are “frost-resistant”. “The sun, it’s good to sunbathe, but it’s scary to get into the sea, the wind is cold,” – write tourists from Sharm el-Sheikh. “The water is a little warmer than outside, I climbed out – ran away to warm myself,” writes another tourist.

According to the forecast, the weather in Egyptian resorts will “balance” at +20-22°C for at least another week. In general, the notorious month of Amshir will formally last until March 8.

Reference: Amshir, aka Meshir, is the sixth month of the Coptic calendar, which is based, according to some statements, on the ancient Egyptian one. The moon has at its disposal approximately between modern February 8 and March 9. As the calendar assures, this month there are “a lot of winter winds” that tourists will experience.

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