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A wave of burning heat covered one of Egypt’s resorts

A “heat wave” in the Egyptian province of South Sinai, where such a famous resort as Sharm el-Sheikh is located, was recorded by the Meteorological Department of Egypt. A sharp increase in temperature to +36 degrees, which is almost like in August, will last until the end of the week.

Even the head of the province, Major General Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai, commented on such a sudden change in weather, he told Egyptian media that the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is preparing to host meetings of the African Development Bank’s next week, is experiencing a temperature rise. “On Thursday morning, the city recorded a temperature of 24 degrees. and the maximum during the day reaches 36 degrees, and the air humidity is 55%,” the governor said.

In other resorts, it is a little cooler: the temperature in Dahab reached 28 degrees, in Nuweib 26 degrees, and in Taba 25 degrees.

Tourists can “cool off” by going on an excursion to the monastery of St. Catherine and Mount Moses. Thus, as stated by Major General Tarik Abed, the head of the city of St. Catherine, “the best weather throughout the year” is +17 in the morning and +26 in the afternoon. At the same time, the temperature on Mount Moses in the morning reaches only +10 degrees.

Tourists were promised relief from the heat by the end of the week. The temperature “balances” around +30. A few cloudy days are possible, but in general, clear weather with the active sun is promised. The water temperature is +25 degrees.

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