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A US tourist risked his life for a selfie with a bear

A tourist in the United States decided to take a picture with a bear and put his life in danger: a man with a phone approached a predator and was criticized on social networks.

The media reported that the incident occurred in Wyoming, where a tourist met a grizzly bear.

The meeting was captured by outdoor enthusiast Joey Melton and posted on TouronsOfYellowstone’s Instagram account: they talk about the “wrong” behavior of tourists in national parks and other wilderness areas in the United States.

“A man is walking on the Togvoti pass and notices a dangerous animal,” the authors of the video say.“ To share his unusual acquaintance on social networks, the guy decided to take a grizzly on camera.

Risking life and health for the sake of a treasured shot, a tourist comes too close to a bear… But the National Park Service recommends staying at least a kilometer away from bears, otherwise, the danger cannot be avoided. This time the man got lucky and the bear ran away.”

The sensational video was published with a comment from one of the users:

“I expected to see the mauling. Absolute idiot. What a disrespect for the bear. He interfered not only with the animal but also with all those who were peacefully watching from afar.”

According to experts, like all wild animals, grizzlies prefer to avoid collisions with people but can be unpredictable, especially if they suspect that they or their cubs are in danger.

According to park rules, even if a person is not injured, any attacking bear will be caught and euthanized for public safety. By putting yourself in danger, you risk the bear’s life.

“Irresponsible behavior towards bears has become a major problem at Togvoti Pass in recent years,” the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said.

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