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A tourist in Antalya was shocked when he received a bill for $1,100 for treating a small wound

An injured German tourist received a shocking bill for treatment of a small wound and stitches during his holiday in Antalya. The Turkish medical price list turned out to be merciless: an amount equivalent to more than UAH 39,000 was demanded from the traveler for medical assistance.

Such a price for providing medical care seems astronomical. According to information from the Turkish newspaper Turizm Guncel, Hans Georg Schuch arrived with his family and friends on the Mediterranean Sea in Sid, hoping for a calm and carefree vacation. However, while walking across the bridge, his leg got stuck between the planks. When he tried to free her, he accidentally caught on something sharp.

The traveler immediately went to a private hospital in Sid. There, the wound on his right leg was treated and 6 stitches were applied. For all these manipulations, which take no more than an hour, the clinic requested an incredible amount – 28,148 lire or more than UAH 39,000. The German tourist, who probably didn’t have health insurance, was stunned and confused by the extortionate bill.

In an interview with the local press, he complained that the price tags in the hospital are scary and incomparable with the real cost of the service. In this regard, the traveler called on the local authorities to take urgent measures so that other tourists do not fall into a similar trap that he fell into.

Shuh hopes that his story will serve as a warning to foreign vacationers and will help change the pricing system in medical facilities in the resort of Antalya.

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