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A tourist from Canada tried to escape from street robbers in Spain and died tragically

A 25-year-old man has died from serious injuries after falling off a bridge in Barcelona, according to the Daily Mail.

The media reported that the doctors stabilized the condition of the victim on the spot, and then rushed him “with serious injuries” to the city hospital, but he died a few hours later.

Initially, Catalan investigators believed that the attackers threw the deceased off the bridge in the course of resisting their attempts to rob him. But then it turned out that the guy most likely crashed to death while jumping, mistakenly believing that he could get to safety.

“The incident that led to the death of the tourist, whose name has not been released, occurred around 6 am at the exit of the 19-kilometer coastal ring road, partly encircling Barcelona, called the Ronda Litoral.

It is known that the deceased and his friends encountered intruders at a McDonald’s not far from the place where he was later found unconscious – on the road under the wall near the bridge.

Friends of the deceased said that they are football fans and came to Spain to visit El Clasico: a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“Investigators are working to collect as much evidence as possible. It is possible that the tragic events were an accident,” a spokesman for the regional police told the media.

According to the Catalan press, most street thefts and robberies are committed by gangs of repeat offenders, but only 6 out of 100 cases involve violence.

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