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A tourist at the pool bar decided to try 21 cocktails from the menu and died

The cocktail experiment didn’t go according to plan. A British tourist, already drunk, decided to drink all the items from the menu at the pool bar at the hotel, but he did not master the 21 cocktails and died. The tragic incident took place in Jamaica, the Daily Star reported. The family announced a fundraiser to bring his body home and bury it.

Timothy Southern, a 53-year-old tourist from Staffordshire, went on holiday to Jamaica with his family last year. While staying at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in Sainte Anne, he decided to try his hand at the bar’s cocktails.

According to the investigation, it turned out that two Canadians who themselves wanted to drink 21 cocktails before midnight in honor of the birthday of one of them gave a desperate idea to a guest of the resort. The goal seemed interesting to the British who also decided to implement it. However, he did not take into account that before the start of his deadly experiment, his body had already received beer and brandy. Approximately in the middle of the way – the tourist mastered 12 cocktails – he became ill. The experimenter went to a hotel room, where he was soon found by relatives choking on his vomit.

The British family, who was with him during the holidays, criticized the actions of the ambulance in the last minutes of his life. In his interrogation testimony in May 2022, one of the relatives recalled the tragic events: “He was lying on his back, choking. I put him in a more comfortable position and yelled for an ambulance. He made gurgling sounds. When the nurse arrived, I asked for an ambulance, but she refused. I thought she would help, but it didn’t. I noticed that his temperature was starting to drop, I checked for a pulse, but there was none. At the same time, the nurse claimed that there was a pulse. I began to panic, looked closely at his face, and realized that he had died. I said, “Don’t just look at him, give CPR.” But she only did a chest massage. The help he received was unacceptable.”

The family of the deceased organized a fundraiser through the GoFundMe platform. They raised the necessary amount to bring the body to the UK and “hold a decent funeral.”

Experts in Jamaica reported that the tourist died from excess alcohol. And a pathologist in the UK determined Timothy Southern’s cause of death to be “acute gastroenteritis due to alcohol use.” It could take up to three years to get full toxicological results from the resort, according to the investigation.

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