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A record number of Israelis was recorded in Turkey

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, 631,669 Israeli citizens visited Turkey between January and September of this year. This is a five-and-a-half-fold increase (448%) from the previous year and is reportedly the record for tourism exchange with Israel since 2019.

Vacations at the sea, vacations, relaxing in spas, and sightseeing tours of the country are the best vacation options for Israeli tourists, tourism experts say.

Turkish TV series, which rank first in the number of viewers in Israel, is the reason for the increased interest, tour operators say.

“Our Israeli clients get to know Turkey in advance from TV shows and come here with the desire to see and get to know live what they saw on the screen,” says guide Mert Siavash.

According to him, guides communicate with Israeli tourists in English, but recently there has been an increase in the number of guides who speak Hebrew.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery, which has been booming in Turkey recently, is also a popular destination for Israelis.

“Women prefer to do aesthetic surgeries for cosmetology and rejuvenation, and men – hair transplantation,” says Dr. Gülgun Beshir.

She says interest in dentistry has also increased.

In connection with the devaluation of the Turkish lira, the procedures in Turkey have become more profitable. Many Israelis also come to the country to shop, BTA reports.

Turkish Airlines has increased the number of flights to Israel after the lifting of restrictions on COVID-19. By the end of the winter season in March 2023, Turkish Airlines will operate 58 flights per week from Istanbul International Airport and 17 from Istanbul’s second airport, Sabiha Gokcen. Flights between Tel Aviv and Antalya are also planned to start in the summer season.

Israeli visits to Turkey have intensified following mutual steps by Ankara and Tel Aviv to normalize relations after a rather long (over 10 years) period of stagnation.

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