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A real miracle: a tourist buried under the snow waved to the helicopter, and he was noticed

The story of a miraculous rescue in the mountains was caught on video and spread all over the Internet, reports the Daily Mail.

An amateur skier disappeared among the slopes of the Swiss Alps almost a month ago. In pitch darkness, the lucky man miraculously managed to attract the attention of a helicopter flying over him. The footage published on the network shows how a man walled up under the snow is waving his last strength with his only free hand.

A video of a wholly miraculous and even inexplicable rescue of a person was shot by paramedic Mathieu Lambert.

“The missing man was skiing in the Lidairdes area when an avalanche hit him on February 8. The young man’s family raised the alarm and called the rescue services after he never returned. The rescue team first checked the car park where the man started his journey. Then they began to fly along the route, which he informed the family about before leaving. In the end, the team found footprints in the snow. Miraculously, they noticed a man waving them from under a huge pile of snow,” the edition shares the details of the rescue operation.

Avalanches are pretty common in Switzerland: in the Alpine cantons that make up the Swiss Alps, about 10,000 avalanches come down every year. About 80 percent of them descend in February, March, and April. Every year, avalanches claimed the lives of more than 150 people worldwide.

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