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A popular tourist town in Thailand has been taken over by gangs of monkeys. The police armed themselves with slingshots

The tourist town of Lopburi in Thailand is suffering from a peculiar nightmare: rampaging gangs of monkeys. They damage property and steal food and other items from both local vendors and tourists. To combat these primates, the region’s police began using slingshots, WioNews reports.

Lopburi is located near Bangkok. This place attracts tourists not only for its color but also for the many monkeys that calmly walk along the streets.

However, recently there have been too many primates, and they have begun to behave not only arrogantly towards people, but also show aggression. Gangs of monkeys also organize massive fights among themselves. To restore order, city police armed themselves with slingshots to scare away the macaques.

“I am aware of the potential danger posed by monkeys. They have begun to pose a threat to tourists and residents. The slingshots that our officers are now carrying will help scare off the monkeys when necessary,” said Police Major General Apirak Vechkancana.

Vechkanchana even ordered the creation of a special police unit to combat monkeys.

Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Conservation officials are also capturing the most rambunctious macaques and relocating them away from the city.

Even though the monkeys cause a lot of problems: they fight, seize empty buildings, and steal things and food, residents want the primates to be left in the city. After all, it is the large number of macaques that attract tourists here, through whom the population of Lopburi earns income.

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