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A Polish airport is introducing sleeping pods for tourists who want to take a nap between flights

At Warsaw Chopin Airport, travelers wishing to take a nap between flights now have access to sleeping pods. Also, for the convenience of passengers, InPost Paczkomat devices are introduced, where it is possible to send by mail items that during the inspection were not acceptable for transportation into the cabin.

In a recent statement, Chopin Airport in Warsaw announced the introduction of two amenities for passengers: sleeping pods and luggage transfer devices. Capsules are designed to provide rest for tourists during long layovers or waiting between flights and are especially useful for those who have to spend the night at the airport.

The spokeswoman of the Warsaw airport, Hanna Dermont, emphasized that the introduction of sleeping capsules at the airport is another step taken to improve travel comfort. According to her, this initiative is a direct response to the requests of passengers who were locked in the terminal and could not use regular hotel rooms. She noted that these sleeping pods are specially located in the non-Schengen area to meet the needs of transit tourists arriving from countries outside the EU.

Another convenient innovation is the Paczkomat device, designed for passengers whose hand luggage has not passed inspection. It was installed inside the Fast Track corridor, in baggage control area E of Chopin Airport. A tourist who unknowingly puts perfume or a folding knife in his bag will not be obliged to throw them away. He will be able to mail the items to the desired address through the Paczkomat device.

“The possibility of sending a package directly from the baggage control area at the airport is the first solution of its kind not only in Poland but also in Europe. We live up to the expectations of many passengers of our airport. Often, due to distraction or ignorance, travelers go to the inspection with a prohibited item in their luggage,” said Dermont.

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