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A passenger from Britain complained about the death of a fellow traveler and faced a hate

A woman flying on a British Airways flight from Jamaica to London faced a wave of misunderstanding and hatred after she shared a negative review of her flight on social networks. The publication drew the attention of the publication Mirror.

In a lengthy comment that has since been removed from the British Airways Complaints Advice Facebook page, the woman explains that she was flying with her five children and sister when one of the passengers on board needed a medical emergency.

In the complaint, the passenger explains that a companion died next to her and this stopped the supply of drinks on the flight. A frustrated British Airways customer demanded compensation from the airline.

“A passenger right two rows behind us died most horrifically, giving us the most traumatic experience during the flight,” the complainant wrote.

Also, the woman was angry with the flight delay, which was provoked by an emergency.

“The flight itself was also delayed for three hours, which in itself is very unpleasant. This ruined all the plans and daily routines. In addition, this also affected the children negatively, they became fussier,” the client noted.

Another problem caused by the sudden death on board was the low level of service.

“Passenger service was stopped, we only had time to get food at the beginning of the flight, and the drinks were stopped. We did not get the service we paid for,” the disgruntled Briton continues to describe her traumatic experience.

Having unwittingly witnessed the sudden tragic death on board, she said, all family members were left “extremely upset” and endured “many sleepless nights.”

“I was expecting some kind of apology from British Airways to the passengers sitting close enough to be negatively impacted and witness all of this. They could check on our well-being and offer some compensation or psychological counseling after what happened,” she continued.

The passenger ended her complaint with another request for compensation and asked British Airways to explain what they plan to do to “improve their services in the future.”

“This is by no means acceptable, this cannot be normalized or swept under the carpet,” the angry client ended her comment on the notation.

The angry review of the passenger was replicated by the media and distributed by users of social networks. Many felt that the woman did not show proper sympathy for the man who tragically died in flight. The woman was also accused of cynicism.

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